Technical Specialities



Additional to the Plettenburg Heat Exchangers and Air Mixers one can choose for extra heating relevant for cold climates or cold winterperiods. In this area we can offer two systems: heating coils or closed circuit burners.


Heating coil
verwarmingselement 8x8 During winterperiods, more inhouse air will be aspirated compared to outside air. As a result, the relative humidity value of the air might rise. Consequently, the moisture absorption capacity of the air will be lower. In order to integrate more dry air in the system, outside air needs to be mixed with the house air to a higher extent. This outside air needs to be heated till the desired mix temperature is reached. For this sake, a heating coil for warm water can be installed in the air mixer. This coil should be connected to a central heating boiler.
 Closed circuit burner
gesloten brander 8x8 The Heater is a direct gas fired air heater special developed for sheds. Unique element is the fact that the combustion air of the heater comes from outside. The use of outside air for combustion incorporates two advantages* clean combustion, with lower risks on disturbances* the combustion process does not tapp air form the shed itself. Therefore, less ventilation air needs to be inserted. Both facts lead to lower energy consumption and subsequent cost savings. Furthermore, the aircapacity and the special form of the heater take care the air in the shed will be divided optimally.The Heater is constructed in a maintenance friendly way. Its operation functions safely. Inflammation and combustion are automatically controlled. Parts of the heater are easily accessable for maintenance.The Heater is available in different capacities and for gastypes as natural gas (G20 and G25), butane and propane.