Fine dust reduction of at least 31%

Reduction of fine dust till 31%. Official maesurements on the Plettenburg heat exchanger regarding finedust  proved a finedust reduction of 31%. As a result of these good performances, our heat exchanger is listed in the RAV under E7.6/ BWL 2011.02. (the accompanying form can be downloaded under “Downloads”)..

We offer additional techniques for emmisionreduction of fine dust related to different animal categories: rearing hens and cocks, cocks for hatcheryraces; laying hens and laying hens (grand-) parents; (grand) parents of broilers in rearing; broilers; turkeys and ducks.

The heat exchanger arranges the heating of fresh outside air by means of the warm ventilated houseair. This heated fresh air will be blown in the house. Depending on the animalcategory on the one hand, and the housing system on the other hand, a specific technique can be applied for optimal mixture of the warm air with the available house-air.
In the condensmoisture arising on parts of the heat exchanger dust remains.  Together with dustattachment on the heat exchanger ductwalls, this results in a emissionreduction of finedust. 
The heatexchanger is engineered according to the counterflow principe (see heatexchanger in mainmenu).  The minimal installed capacity of the exhaustfan of the heat exchanger per animalcategory mounts to:
– Rearing hens; 0,4 m3/bird/hour.
– Laying hens; 1,0 m3/bird/hour.
– Rearing broiler (grand)parents; 1,0 m3/bird/hour.
– Broilers; 1,0 m3/bird/hour.
The capacity is adjustable by means of frequency controllers.

Please contact us to be informed about the possibilities for your special situation.