Plettenburg heat exchanger on RAV list with emissionfactor 0,021 kg NH3 per animal per year

The emissionfactor of the Plettenburg heat exchanger has been reduced to 21 gram. This relates both the diffusion system with PVC tubes as the jet inlet including supporting  fans.

The Plettenburg system is listed on RAV number BWL 2010.13 V2 (this form can be downloaded under the tab Downloads).

At Plettenburg you can choose from multiple systems; jet inlet and support fans, wincheable PVC tubes. Fresh heated outside air is brought directly to animallevel. Furthermore we are able to connect one heat exchanger to two houses!!


House with Air Mixer in order to dry mulch combined with a heat Exchanger for the animal categories: Broilers; (Grand) parentanimals of broilers in rearing; Parentanimals of fattening turkeys in rearing till 6 weeks and 6 till 30 weeks; fattening turkeys.


Ammoniac emission reduction is based on drying and heating manure/mulch by means of a maintenance friendly exchanger either with permanent rotating circulation fans or an in height adjustable air diffusion system consisting of PVC tubes on animal level.


The heat exchanger ensures fresh outside air to be warmed by warm ventilation air from the sheds by means of one or more heat exchangers. The heated fresh ventilation air is blown from above into the shed in one or two directions. Doing so, this air is being mixed with warm air at the top of the shed by means of recirculation fans. As a result, this air is transported to one or both shed ends. Through the wall the air will be blown over the litter layer.

By using dispensing tubes the warmed fresh ventilation air will be divided over de litter layer through an in height adjustable division system.  By mixing the shed air, an even temperature is reached in the whole shed. De manure/litter layer will be dried an CO2 will be driven out from the animals.


The minimal installed capacity of the Heat Exchanger is 0,35 m3 per animal/per hour. The capacity is adjustable by using frequency controllers.

Emission factor:

– (Free range) broilers; 0,021 kg NH3 peranimal per year.

– (Grant-) parentanimals of broilers in rearing till 19 weeks; 0,158 NH3 per animal per year.

– Parentanimals of fattening turkeys in rearing till 6 weken; 0,095 kg NH3 per animal per year.

– Parent animals of fattening turkeys in rearing 6 weeks till 30 weeks; 0,297 kg HN3 per animal per year.

– Fattening turkeys; 0,430 kg NH3 per animal per year.




one exchanger on two houses.


one Exchanger per house