Features of the Plettenburg Airmixers


  • Each airmixer is custom made: engineered and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of each client.
  • High efficient centrifugal fans with low energy consumption.
  • Optional frequency controller for additional savings on energycosts and an improved airmanagement.
  • Wide range options for filtering shed- and outside air.
  • Easy maintenance
  • User friendly and automatic systemmanagement by climate control computer GPA 2004, compatible with available shedcomputer.
  • The airmixers are suitable for each tubesystem



  • Lowe installation costs.
  • Low energy costs (no additional heating required).
  • Energy savings by use of high efficient centrifugal fan and frequency controller.
  • Increased dry matter content of the manure.



  • Substantial reduction of the ammoniac emissions.
  • Optimal houseclimate by bringing the air directly to the birds.
  • Up to 75% dry matter of manure can be realised.
  • Lower smell emissions.