Types of Airmixers

 Standard Airmixer:
standaard 7x9 The casings of the airmixer consists of a frame of aluminium profiles and is covered with sheet steel panels epoxy coated with an intermediate of 25 mm insulation and aluminium skin. The access side is provided with close-fitting service doors or shutters.The airmixer is mounted on a 50-80 mm coated steel based frame. The airmixer is supplied with aluminium valves registers with directly coupled servo motors. The standard range of airmixers is provided with frames for pocketfilters. These holdingframes are supplied with stainless steel gauze filter (RVS) 600 x 600 mm. Therefore it is possible at all times to supply our standard air mixer with pocketfilters. The aspiration of outside air takes place by means of a rain blind/gauze filter, which is mounted either in the outside wall or via a sleeve through the roof. Optional: heating element (see Technical Specialisms).
Airmixer with pocketfilter:  
 LMK standaard 7x9 The large filtering surface of the pocketfilters allow lower air speed in the filtermedium and smaller dust particles can be gathered. The filter efficiency is up to 86%. The pocketfilter can simply be removed out of the filterframe.  Cleaning can take place manually with water and soap or with a high pressure cleaner. Pocketfilters are suited for filtering both outside and shed air. They are made out of progressive built, unbreakable synthetic fibers. They are mounted in a frame of galvanised steel.Optional: Heating element (see Technical Specialisms).
 Airmixer with automatic filter:
 Drukfilter 7x9  The automatic filter cleaning system with pressure filters can be integrated in each airmixer. Filtering efficiency is approximately 99,7% for particles of at least 0,3 micron. The air velocity through the filter shall not exceed 0,5 m/sec. Therefore, the pressure filters are equipped with a high amount of filter cloth. The diameter and length are adjusted. The filter cloth is entirely composed out of plastic materials and treated with a special coating.Because the air is transported in low velocity with minimal pressure loss through the filter cloth, the filters are sustainable. The development of the Plettenburg filter cloth is based on years of intensive research. Several times a day, the filters are cleaned by the automatic filter cleaning system. Each filter contains a solenoid valve with a sigma pressure air valve. By opening the sigma valve, high pressure air is directly blown into the inside of the pressure filter. As a result, the dust attached to the filtermedium will be removed and collected in the dust capture tray underneath the filters.Optional: heating elements (See Technical Specialisms).