The airmixer in operation

In the airmixer, the outside fresh air is mixed with the house air. The outside fresh air enters the mixer section through one or two aluminium damper registries. The registry is a type of louvre, consisting of strong, closed and smooth rotating damper blades.

The damperregistries are equipped with directly coupled servomotors. The operation of the dampers is controlled by an in-house developed climate control computer; the GPA 2004 shed computer. Depending on the outside temperature and the shed temperature, the GPA 2004 controls the dampers to open or closed, or to open partially from 0-100%. In this way, the airmixer ensures a balanced mix of air and airtemperature, while the intake air is controlled.  One can choose the air to be filtered by means of a stainless steel gauze filter, pocket filter, flat filter or a high pressure filter. Subsequently, the mixed air is blown in the air diffusion system straight on the birds and dries out the manure at the same time. While still in the house, the manure is dried out to 55-75% dry matter. The dry matter result depends on aircapacity/bird, amount of birds/m2 manure belt and the water/food management. As a result, the ammoniac emission is reduced.

 Kleppenregister 3,5x3,5  1. Damper registryThe registries are built from an aluminium-zinc sheet steel frame in which the contra rotating aluminium blades are mounted on stainless steel axis.  All bearings are nylon slide bearings. On one side, the blades are supplied with a sealing strip.
 Centrifugaal Jochems 3,5x3,5  2. Centrifugal fan
The airmixer consists of high efficiency double inlet centrifugal fans.  As a result, there is limited power consumption. The fan is equipped with backward curved impeller blades. The fan unit, consisting of fan, motor, V-belt drive and base frame, is supported on antivibration mountings. The outlet flange of the fan is connected to the outlet opening of the air mixer by a flexible connection to prevent transmission of fan vibration to the unit.
 drukfilter 3,5x3,5  3. Automatic filter cleaning system
Our automatic filter cleaning system, consisting of pressure filters, can be installed to any airmixer. Filtering efficiency reaches 99,7% regarding particles of minimal 0,3 micron. Despite its compact construction, it offers a outstanding large filter cloth surface area. A low operating approach airvelocity (up to maximum 0,5 m/sec) guarantees low pressure loss, longer filter life and low power consumption.  The filter medium is specially designed for dusty enviroments like poultry houses. This special filter medium is manufactured under Plettenburg label.
 Druktank 3,5x3,5  4. Pressure activated cleaning
Several times a day, the automatic pulse cleaning sequence is activated. Every filter is equipped with a high pressure pneumatic air valve. Opening of the air valves allows a blast of compressed air to wave directly into the filters. The compressed air will blow out the accumulated dust in the filters. This dust will be collected in a tray under the filters.
 zakkenfilter 5. Pocketfilters
Pocketfilters are suited for filtering both outside air and shed air. Pocketfilters are made of progressive accumulated, unbreakable synthetic fibres. They are mounted in a frame of galvanised steel sheet. The large filtering surface allows lower air speed and smaller dust particles can be gathered. Filter efficiency is up to 86%. The pocketfilter can easily be extracted out of the filterframe. Filtercleaning can take place with either water and soap or high pressure.
 Gaasfilter 3,5x3,5 6. Stainless steel gauze filter
The stainless steel gauze filter is mounted in pocketfilter frames of galvanised steel. It is possible to adjust pocketfilters in a later stage. The gauze filter can also be installed in a stainless steel corner profile. This gauze filter can be used for both shed air and fresh air. When used on the outside air dampers, it can also be used as rainblind. The surface of the filter can be easlly cleaned with a high pressure water sprayer or a brush.