Heat Exchanger

Features of the Plettenburg Heat Exchangers

  • Capacities between 8.500m3/h and 72.000m3/h per heat exchanger;
  • Only customised optimal solutions;
  • High returns up to 85%;
  • Use of sustainable materials, minimal maintenance required;
  • Suitable for both existing and new barns;
  • Suitable for broiler, layer, rearing and parentshed;
  • Reduction of finedust, ammoniac and smell emissions;
  • Optimal shed climate by bringing fresh conditioned outside air directly to the birds;
  • The fresh conditioned outside air can be used for minimal shed ventilation;
  • The injected air contains lower airhumidity, leading to a maximum drying capacity; 
  • Cost savings on heating/fuel in broiler and pullet barns up to 75%.