Heat Exchanger

Types of Heat Exchangers

The Plettenburg Heat Exchangers can be installed both in as outside the barn.

For both options, shape, sizes and dimensions are chosen in order to realise an optimal heat transfer.


Heat Exchanger Outdoor Application:



In co-operation with our clients, a self supporting Heat Exchanger is developed for outdoor application. This Heat Exchanger is made up of a galvanised steel framework. This framework is posted on a simple architectural foundation. The outside of the Exchanger is equipped with insulated sheet piling in any colour of choice. The plates have a high insulation value and are easily cleaned. Also the connection to the barn for central inlet of house air, can be realised by means of these insulated plates or insulated circular ducts.


Optional: !!NEW !! Automatic Filtercleaningsystem, Heating, Sprinkle Installation, 31% dust reduction. See Technical Specialisms.


Heat Exchanger Indoor:


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The Heat Exchanger can be installed in the barn, either in the ridge or on an architectural bordes/attic. The Heat Exchanger can be engineered in each desired format. The total air capacity is crucial in determining its final dimensions.  The Heat Exchanger is constructed out of light aluminium profiles with cast aluminium corner profiles.  The outside of the Heat Exchanger is supplied with  plastic sheet material.  The plates are characterised by high insulation value and are easily cleaned. In addition, the plates take virtually no moisture, so that lifetime can substantially be improved. The platform construction and the Heat Exchanger itselfs are placed under a certain angle, to make sure the condensate flows in one direction. At the end of the insulated plates, in full width of the Heat Exchanger a gutter is mounted. The gutter ensures the condensate to be catched and drained.


Optional: Heating, Sprinkler installation, 31% dust reduction. See Technical Specialisms.